Thank you so much David for helping me through the short sale process. You and your attorneys really helped myself in a very trying time. Although it was a lengthy process you did a wonderful job.

~Chris Impelitier, Lake Worth, FL

I never knew what a short sale was until I met you, and explained it may be a better option instead of facing foreclosure. You said the process would take around 60-90 days, and we were closed in under 2 months. Thank you so much. Your attorneys were great that helped us. Thanks again.

~Paul Rand, Boca Raton, FL

David Serle is not just one of the best real estate agents I have met, but he is one of the best people I have met. I have bought and sold 5 Boca Raton properties from him, and he has me as a client for life.

~Samantha Kaplan, Wellington, FL

I am on the internet constantly, and I came across David Serle through his personal website. Normally, I do not warm up to people let alone use someone who I do not know or reffered to, but he was very professional, and represented me and my families best interest in purchasing a Boca Raton Home . I have since referred him many clients and they all would recommend David for all their real estate needs and services.

~Bari Smizik, Boca Raton, FL

David has beeen a good friend and confidant for years. He has the knowledge to lead us to a good decision. We have bought several properties from him, and will continue to do so. If you are looking for a superb individual who has the knowledge and cares about your best interest then definitely interview him as you will not find a better individual. Thanks Dave for all your help.

~Chad Brofermaker, Boca Raton, FL

There are a lot of real estate agents to choose from, but I chose David Serle because of his professionalism and presence on the internet. You never know when you meet someone whether or not they have your best interest at heart, but from the very get go David definitely did. We bought a great home in Boca Raton and David showed us all the homes that fit our criteria. He gave us all the information including title costs, closing costs, survey, easements, encroachments, mortgage information, payment, and more, and then let us make the decision ourselves.

~Anonomyous, Boca Raton, FL

Congratulations to David Serle who is now the Vice President and Managing Broker of RE/MAX Services. He is well on his way to improving the level of service and support for its agents through recruiting, and technology. Congrats David.

~Joseph Brighton, Boca Raton, FL

I want to thank David Serle for helping us sell our home. We tried 2 other real estate agents, and had it on the market for over a year before contacting David. The minute he listed the home we knew we had a better chance of selling our home in this market. He was professional, efficient, and sold our home in less than 60 days. Thank you, and I would highly recommend David!!

~Denise Etner-Silk